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Sleepy Creek Campground on the Potomac becomes the location of certain special events and festivals hosted by Sleepy Creek Presents. Sleepy Creek Presents takes special pride in offering the community events and festivals that are both affordable and family friendly. Much thought and planning goes into each stage of the event. The crew is responisible for every aspect of each event, from talent buying, to sound production, to the impressive light and projection show that reflects off of the huge covered stage on Sleepy Creek's Music Meadow, and much more! It is a complete in house production crew that works together like no other team. 


Much life is brought to the campground during the Spring and Fall. Sleepy Creek Presents brings us SpringDig in May and HarFest in October. As previously mentioned, the campground opens it's doors to the public during certain special events. This creates for an incredible festive atmosphere. Sleepy Creek Presents does all it can to ensure a fun, safe, and pleasurable experience. In addition to the events at the campground, Sleepy Creek Presents works together in hosting several other events, concerts, and festivals. Check em out on the web at!

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