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Safety is very important to us, as it should be to you. Being that we are nestled in between the railroad and the river, it is necessary we bring up a few notable safety concerns. 


First of all, the railroad tracks are to be strictly OFF LIMITS AT ALL TIMES. There are no exceptions. If you are found trespassing on the tracks you will be likely taken to jail. You have no business on the tracks. It is considered trespassing by the federal government. Not to mention, the railroad here is very active, therefore extremely dangerous.


Second, please use extreme caution when using the railroad crossing provided at the campground. There are no signals other than the train itself. Please stop and look both ways at all times, then proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible for accidents on the tracks. And by all means, DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACKS!


As for the river, creek, and other waterways surrounding the campground, they are to be accessed at your own risk. We are not responsible for your safety regarding the use of any waterway. In addition you must obey all state and federal laws. Maryland owns the river. West Virginia owns the creek. Please take it upon yourself to make use of these amenities safely and responsibly. 


The Rules at the campground are pretty simple. Please obey them at all times. Disrespecting the rules will not be tolerated. We have the right to make you leave at any time, and in certain cases report you to local authorities. Here is a list of rules we find most important to mention. 

1. No illegal activity of any kind

2. No excessive or disruptive behavior

3. Be respectful to all members and guests at the campground

4. Obey the 5mph speed limit at all times

5. No trespassing on private lots at the campground

6. Use only water access points provided by the campground

7. Use only above ground fires or a proper fire ring

8. No littering and remove all trash and debris 

9. Leash and clean up after your pet

10. Use only the port-o-pots provided by the campground

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